Is accommodation available for all students at Aura International School of Management?

Yes, we offer accommodation facilities to all enrolled students who opt for it.
Are the accommodation facilities located on campus?

No, our accommodation facilities are located off-campus, but they are situated in close proximity to the campus, ensuring easy access to academic resources and extracurricular activities. Transportation options are available to facilitate convenient travel between the accommodation and the campus.
Are the accommodation spaces furnished?

Yes, all accommodation units are partially furnished, providing students with the necessary amenities for a comfortable living experience. Bed linens are not included.
How are roommates assigned for shared accommodations?

Roommates are assigned based on compatibility preferences provided by students during the application process. We strive to create a supportive and diverse living environment.
How do I apply for accommodation?

Upon admission to Aura International School of Management, you will receive information on the accommodation application process. Follow the provided instructions to submit your accommodation application.
Is accommodation cost included in the tuition fees?

Accommodation costs are separate from tuition fees. Details regarding accommodation fees and payment methods will be provided during the application process.
Can I use the accommodation provided by Aura International School of Management for visa purposes?

Yes, the accommodation provided by Aura International School of Management can be used for visa purposes. It serves as a valid proof of accommodation during the visa application process.
What facilities and services are available in the accommodation areas?

Our accommodation areas are equipped with common areas, laundry facilities and recreational facilities.
Are there separate rooms for boys and girls in the accommodation facilities?

Yes, to ensure privacy and comfort, we provide separate rooms for boys and girls in our accommodation facilities. This arrangement promotes a safe and conducive living environment for all students.
Can I request a change of accommodation during my stay?

Requests for a change of accommodation can be made based on availability and specific circumstances. Please contact the accommodation office for further assistance.